Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 Race 12

Race 12 saw the introduction of a new racing concept using "flexboy".  IRC uses a coefficient TCC which multiplied by the race elapsed time gives the corrected time used for the ranking of the boats.  Instead of making the correction on time flexboy makes the correction on distance by allocating a different course length to each yacht entry.  The ranking is simply then the order of finish time.  All yachts should finish at the same approximate time and benefit therefore from the same wind conditions.  The disadvatange is the rounding of flexboy is virtual based on GPS reading and may pause a practical problem.  Experience will tell.  Here is the course of Idefix V during race 12.

flexboy is different for every entry and placed at a position which gives a race distance proportional to TCC.  It could be that this is the first setup of such a racing system, computer progress does not stop.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Race 11 took place in light winds from the North West in warm conditions.  The course was to U-3 and back using the channel buoys North East of Flagpole as start line.   On the start were Double Dutch, Zephir, Dr. Yalla Junior, Unwind, Idefix V, Saeeda.  2 yachts completed the race (Double Dutch and Idefix V).  First to finish is Double Dutch.